Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Oldest blogs OR websites in the internet

So I was thinking some more - - I know, I know, I should stop - - and I wondered about the blogs that had been updated the least often, or more particularly those blogs that had their most recent update the furthest in the past. For example, a blog which was last updated in 1997 might win, or maybe there is one lingering in a computer science lab at MIT that hasn't changed, not one iota, since 1986.

So I did some research. I was trying to find a tool like Tweeple or FriendOrFollow, which lists your twitter connections by name, number of followers they have, or the last time they tweeted (amongst other search categories). Plus this allows you to see who you follow but doesn't follow you back and vice versa.

Now I want this tool to work on blogs (or any websites actually) and, through Google, provide a list of those blogs/websites that haven't been updated in the last ten years, or track when their peak updating happened (which month of which year has the most posts- eg a Vancouver Olympics blog might be quiet now but was most busy February 12–28, 2010), or maybe even when they had the most traffic (a Michael Jackson tribute site might have been most viewed around June 2009).

Maybe GoogleSearch already has this option - you can search for most recent updates, maye I can search for the least. Hmmm. I'll go check.

I found this webpage that discusses what is the oldest blog, so that is something. I need to look some more...

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