Sunday, July 18, 2010

Three things I really don't understand

  1. DOMA - Why is there a link between the church and state in marriage ceremonies? Weddings are a celebration of love based around a legally-binding contract, sometimes with religious blessing - an official, government-recognised union to which God has also given the thumbs up. Do people really think Jesus/Christianity/the Church (or whichever flavour of faith you prefer) invented marriage? Am I totally in ignorance of the necessary history? I thought it was designed to keep daughters under some man's control, be it their father or eventually their husband. Or something to do with taxes, or the census, or something totally not connected with saving one's soul or being a good representative of your particular fellowship. But I may be wrong -  - it's happened before.
  2. Money spent on governmental elections - I don't think it is fair because rich, corporate-panderers will be more vocal as they can afford more newspaper adverts and radio time. To run our countries we need experienced, moral people, not those with wells of cash that should go to better causes. There is a campaign somewhere in the states for this woman to run again for election next year and she has already amassed millions in campaign revenue - why not give that all to charity and stand for election based on that?  I need to find some stats.
  3. Raul Moat support - in the UK there is a penchant for celebrating anything that defies or ridicules the police or any element of authority. So when a policeman was shot (and blinded) by a double murderer who then went on the run, there was a disturbing element of society who were egging him on. Paul Gascoigne wanted to take him a fishing rod, a dressing gown and some sandwiches. Now there are those that have made a Facebook tribute page and people selling commemorative T.shirts. I find it all very shocking.

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