Sunday, July 18, 2010

Tweeting with celebrities

I guess it is to do with the small world theory - that everyone is connected. The famous 6 Degrees experiment, Facebook group and book - like "Collective Dynamics of the 'Small-World' Network" that Jack was supposed to have read in 2 Days in Paris.

Feeling connected with the rest of humanity is important - unless you are a misanthrope or sociopath. So when you get on twitter and aimlessly send tweets to people who you don't know and they reply - it is fantastically exciting. Someone is voluntarily interacting with you - without any hope of meeting you (so there is no chance that they want something from you), without having been tempted by your physical appearance to engage in conversation (unless you have a saucy photo - mine's just an image of animal skin).

When it is a celebrity who tweets back, boy, is that a thrill! It first happened to me with Amber Benson (who played Tara in Buffy) - I got a Direct Message (DM), that no-one else could see - but I figured she had staff who did these for her, or they were automated (like when you follow someone a 'thank you' comes immediately) - but now I think it was really her typing real letters to communicate with me!

Then Sue George (a great writer of many genres including bisexuality) sent me an @BioGal reply for all the world to see! Since then the ball has kept rolling! Gail Porter sent me two - and then Celeb Retweet sent out her reply to me again so I am  now famous, too! Maybe they think I am one of her gal-pals! Finally (for now), I had a reply from the incomparable Dorothy Snarker (blogger and writer for AfterEllen, etc.).

I wondered briefly if I was the only one to get replies - I'm not. This article actually gives advice about how to get celebrities to reply.

I would add this advice:
*Don't spam with responses too frequently, even if they are refreshing or sage - you will look like a stalker.
*Refer to them respectfully - Mr/Miss/Mrs - you are not their friend, don't use their first name.
*Oh, and don't blog about how they have responded to you... it looks less than classy. Please see this article as evidence!

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