Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Televisual treats! Question: Is Keesha the new Shane?

What a day! Rizzoli and Isles, The Closer and The Big C [Andrea: “I don't see myself as skinny, but I do see myself as a lady so you best come correct.” LOVE IT!]... and the delectable UNICORN PLAN-IT - - there was so much to adore about this new series that I have made a list of my favourite moments. This isn't so much a recap as a top-10 of the awesomeness!

  • Episode #101 VaGchat 00:00 - 1:06 - It was just like the best bits of The L Word, perhaps Liquid Heat S5E9

  • Episode #101 VaGchat 1:07 - So, was her boot still outside the morning after? She (Vick) took time to pull one on whilst still in their house... I can understand kicking stiletto heels off on the way to a serious rumpus session; you don't want those bad boys intermingling with the lady-loving... But pulling off one boot, before getting inside? Am I missing something? Is that what LA queer ladies do? Sexy-time with one shoe on? Clearly it is, because there was at least one risk-lover in the room that night: see Exhibit A.

Exhibit A from VaGchat

Scissor bump! Hmm, plural or singular... scissors

  • The marvellous music created in-house!

  • The super-clever writing skillz! 

  • The gorgeous gay women (and Amir Levi!) filling the screen...

But I have questions... actually just one question:
Is Keesha the new Shane?

I know Vick is being set-up as the lady-killer character, but I get the vibe from Keesha that she will turn out to be the wicked heart-breaker. OR MAYBE... Vick and Keesha were characters written for Sarah Croce and Ashley Reed respectively, but they switched them to spice things up - since we would all be expecting the brunette with the heart-throb blue eyes to be the trouble-maker.

Mostly my feelings about all this can be summarised thusly: click here to hear!

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