Saturday, March 31, 2012

LazyMaisy recipes for the time-poor and bone-idle... THIS WEEK: Academics & authors get fresh air AND a shower!

Whilst the pleasure of cooking (for some people) would be severely reduced by the suggestions herein, I am certain that doing other things with your life, like having a nice lie down, will greatly outweigh the supposed benefits of chopping a million ingredients and stirring a bubbling broth like a maddened weyward sister.

My tactics are to ensure those of us who prefer to be sat on the sofa rather than stood over the stove can maximise opportunities for sloth, whilst still having something tasty, filling and healthy to eat.

Recipe 1: Reis gyda thomatos a selsig wedi'u pobi (Yeah, I used Welsh to be fancy... GoogleTranslate is your friend)

In the United States, Italian sausage is a sty...1. Put rice and water into your superefficient rice cooker; switch on.

2. Grill sausages on medium (150f) whilst rice is steaming.

3. Dust an oven dish with black pepper, mixed Italian herbs, sea salt, chilli flakes and a crushed chicken stock cube.

[12-15mins: You now have time for a wee nap, a few YouTube videos or even a walk about the garden if you're anxious about your fresh air intake: ACADEMICS AND AUTHORS TAKE NOTE, CHOOSE OPTION 3!]

4. Cut up sausages, scatter in oven dish, cover with cooked rice, pour on can of chopped tomatoes, rinse can out with water by pouring the rinsing water over the dish.

5. Put dish in oven, 200f; cook until tomatoes are hot.

[12-15mins: Regular human beings can call family/friends knowing that an audible alarm will sound at just the time you want to end the conversation, giving a great excuse for leaving mid-sentence. Those who work with words for a living now have time for your fortnightly shower: your friends/family will forgive the radio silence; they will be glad of your increased hygiene levels when you finally emerge from your office-cave and visit them.]
Sea Salt

6. Scoop out and eat. Blow first, those forkfuls will be scalding.

N.B. Dieticians in the readership will note that sea salt, processed pork sausages and the stock cube are all sodium-rich deliciousness which can be especially important for those that have sobbed over the latest episode of 'Who Do You Think You Are?' and sweated through their fitful, dream-riddled sleep. The more emotionally stable amongst potential recipe-users are advised to drink lots of water and think about eating this magnificent meal in moderation.
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