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@CSI_CBS / @CrimMinds_CBS should take better care of their female cast & characters, and why Garcia is our saving grace

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CSI Catherine Willows' replacement seems about a decade younger but pretty much a photo-fit. They even kept her wardrobe to clothe the newbie, who continues the sassy attitude. Aren't Miss Fox and the blonde chick annoyed that another female was brought in for flavour? Weren't they considered enough? Shouldn't they be booted up the roster? At least we are getting more gender equality with more female characters, plus the representation of an older female is handy... But I can't help be perturbed that the show echoes the storyline where the long-serving cast/staff are passed over for fresh meat. Replacing Gil Grissom was necessary, but they should have promoted Catherine, then added a new weirdo (รก la Laurence Fishburne and Ted Danson).

Now, Criminal Minds is not doing much better. All their marketing shows Rossi, Hotchner and Morgan centre-stage, the women on the periphery: See their Twitter, their website section describing the show, even the front page of the website without a single picture of the female case. After the furore over reducing Pager Brewster's episode number and completely letting go of, the equally lovely, A.J. Cook, we have Emily and J.J. back from the dead and the Pentagon, respectively. But now Miss Brewster has decided to leave the show entirely of her own accord. Whilst we had a brief hissy fit over the introduction of that Agent-in-Training-daughter-of-serial-killer, Ashley Seaver, as a (presumably cheaper on the pay role) replacement for the older women, this was swiftly corrected at the beginning of this season. Now there is the threat that Paget's final (yes, definitely this time) exit will leave producers tempted to add in fresh talent of the younger, blonder variety. Now, as a young blonde myself, I am not against these women, but I think we need more diversity. Why not get alcoholic Chief Erin Strauss (anyone else continually confused when these American actors say Aaron and Erin in EXACTLY THE SAME WAY?) demoted from her role and required to serve time as an agent in the field, so that the team has to teach an old dog new tricks? [Sorry, neither actress nor character are a bitch or ugly, as far as I know.]

Actually, I'd prefer Garcia (and the resident queer actress portraying her) to have a larger part to play. She is diverse in appearance, size, personality, not wanting to jump at marriage with her guy; yeah, she is pretty a great role model for girls: smart, great job, funny, sensitive to the horrific crimes she helps solve, recognises her weaknesses, not afraid to stand up for her beliefs or the people she loves. What a superstar.

Budget constraints cannot be ignored, but they could easily invite new faces to the show who aren't necessarily new to the industry. Maybe this is already sorted, but if not, here are my suggestions:

Kiersten Warren (though she seems pretty loved up with her gorgeous husband and daughter, so she might not be interested in a part)

Meredith Eaton (who may be contracted to NCIS)

Jennifer Beals (since Chicago Code didn't work out, she might be tempted by a role as a whip smart agent...who could tempt Garcia into a lesbian tryst! Hooray!)

Could the new character please be something different? Reid is the boffin; Morgan has the swagger; Hotchner has the gruffness; Garcia has the zaniness; Rossi has the...saginess(?)...sagacity! The new face should not be another trainee, or some old hand brought in from retirement, but something else... hmm, maybe, an agent on an international agency-swap, someone from Britain! Yes, that's it! Prentiss says since being 'back' she's never quite settled so she's taking the offer of swapping with another agency for 'sharing best practice' purposes and taking Sergio to live in Blighty!

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